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Body massage

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Body massage can not be considered a simple procedure of kneading the muscle and to tone the entire body. Its purpose is much deeper and is aimed not only at certain parts of the body, but also to achieve a relaxed state of spiritual. To better understand the technique bodimassazha and learn to do it yourself, the first thing you need to become familiar with its origin.

For the first time this technique began to be used in ancient India and China. But then, these services are available only to men. Fortunately, so enjoy a massage in our time can and women.

In fact, the body massage was a kind of preparation for putting a man in the right state before sexual intercourse, because the Chinese and the ancient Hindus are known for highly prized erotic "leisure time."

  • Male relaxed in-alluring dancer society masseuses and after the treatment was often in their arms
  • Mandatory requirement - the use of various aromatic oils, not only for the massage, but also for obkurivaniya premises
  • For example, jasmine promotes relaxation. Sandalwood stimulates sexual ability, and cedar also repels mosquitoes and flies

    Machinery and milestones

    It would seem that may be difficult in body massage? As the name suggests, the process involves not only the hands, but also other parts of the body. Although, as it turned out, this is not true.

    1. Preparatory step (Gong Fu). Its main purpose - to prepare the patient for the procedure and give it a completely relax. Most often carried oil massage and an expert selected rubs oil into the skin with gentle movements of hands that rolled like waves. The main thing is that the movements were soft and rhythmic.
    2. The next stage is called the "Tao". This is kind of a continuation of the first part, but the hand movements become slower, and body pressure increases.
    3. Trituration (an-mo). Rubbing the body becomes more and more intense, but focuses on different erogenous zones.
    4. Massage the abdomen (mo-fu). At this stage, the focus is on the navel. Hands surrounding area is ground or strokes of the clockwise and counterclockwise.
    5. The final stage. That he is considered to be the climax of the body massage. Stroking begins to conduct various parts of the body: the buttocks, abdomen, breasts or hair.


      If you want to independently master this technique, you can not do without a special video and a few tips.

      • Starting body massage is necessary to maximize gently and softly, so that the patient does not gain a foothold. Pressing force gradually increases, but in the end necessarily repeat again soft and gentle movements
      • The first step is massaged large part of the body, with a gradual transition to smaller and erogenous zones
      • Hand movements should be directed to the nearest lymph nodes
      • Massaging the head from the crown to the collarbone
      • Neck mash up of the sacrum
      • Torso mash from the breast to the armpit
      • Rectus abdominis muscle massaging from top to bottom, and oblique - on the contrary
      • Ноги начинаем массировать от ступней, постепенно продвигаясь к коленям, а потом и к паховой области.Обязательно нужно учитывать, что исключительно важную роль играет продолжительность и интенсивность массажа. Любое движение, которое будет недостаточно ритмичным и нежным может не только свести к нулю желаемый результат, но даже принести пациенту болезненные ощущения. Грубые движения рук могут привести не только к синякам, но в отдельных случаях могут даже вызвать тремор мышц, а это совершенно недопустимо для боди массажа, который считается расслабляющим.
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