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Lingam massage

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The ancient Indian concept of "lingam" has several interpretations. In the broadest sense - is the symbol of pure consciousness comprehensive, life and its rebirth. In a narrower sense lingam it symbolizes the male phallus and its unity with the vulva, because it is so new life begins.

Lingam massage for men involves a reverent attitude to the women of this part of the male body. As a result, full of reverence and tenderness wild male energy is expanded and formed into a powerful beam of light that naturally penetrates the woman.

Private erotic massage lingam - it's a great investment in your own health:

·                     Your sexual energy does not stagnate, and moves throughout the body;

·                     Sex lingam massage gives you complete relaxation and serenity;

·                     Each subsequent session all the clips one after another, leaving you an intimate massage of Lingam immerses you into a world of new sensations, revealing all your potential.

Inside, Prime SPA (Astana), you can now order a professional massage lingam. Private ads offering this kind of service, are fraught with different consequences. Not worth the risk. Entrust your body truly master. It responds to all your senses - even the growth of the excitation or wavy tides - everything that happens to you, is supported by the sensual touch.


Lingam massage - individually matched the atmosphere and gentle manipulation, which will allow you to expand your consciousness and masculine nature.

Information is up-to-date: 19.09.2018

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