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Massage Sakura

25000 KZT

Sakura is a special exotic massage, which adds an unforgettable feelings and sensations. girls are gentle and sensitive touch makes anyone a good rest and relax, as well as dive into the world of ancient Japan. This massage should try each. The duration of an hour massage.

Daily stresses, "obstruction" at work, troubles in the family - it all adds up and has a negative impact not only on your mood, but also on health. To bring your body in order, you need to regularly give him a chance to rest. There are many ways of relaxation, this holiday, and weekend and a good time (meeting with friends, theater, exhibitions, dance, crafts ...) and many other things that will allow you to relax and remember that life is beautiful!

One of the recognized and highly effective way of relaxation is massage. Massage has been known since ancient times, there is confirmation of the application of massage another 20 thousand years ago! massage art was spread everywhere: in China, India, Egypt, ancient Rome, Persia, Turkey, America and Europe. Massage therapists trained in special schools where masters passed on their secrets to the students. Massage is used to relieve stress, treatment of chronic fatigue, treat injuries, rheumatism, massaged at the same time, not only the muscles but also joints. Massage technique provided and the use of aromatic oils which also have healing properties.

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