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Sports-power massage

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Sports massage will increase your opportunities, prepare the muscles for a workout, make ligaments more flexible, reduce the risk of injury. Your workouts will be more effective and recovery - pleasant and comfortable!

Sports massage - This is a special massage, which takes people actively involved in sports. Sports massage can be done not only professional athletes, but also ordinary trains are engaged for himself. This massage helps to improve athletic performance, reduce the number of injuries and speeding up recovery after training and competition, increases endurance, helps to better adapt to the nervous and mental stress. Sports massage - a very important part of the training of athletes. Every serious trainee knows and understands the importance of and the need for regular sports massage. The main difference from the usual sports massage is that it is carried out more intensively, on a deeper level, working muscles and ligaments. It uses high techniques at a rapid pace (kneading, hack, trituration, agitation, vibration). With such a high exposure to body tissue greatly expands blood vessels, increases the inflow of rich nutrients and oxygenated blood, activated excretion exchange of tissue products, activated endocrine, nervous and excretory immune system, accelerating metabolism. Sports massage also has a reflex action that increases circulation, the rate of muscle reaction accelerates nerve impulse. Such massage has potent reducing effect. Types of sports massage. 1.Trenirovochny sports massage - a special massage, which takes place in a period of intensive training to improve athletic performance. This massage is very important for athletes. It helps to adapt to increasing load, preparing joints, ligaments and muscles and reducing the risk of injury. This massage is designed to enable a more rapid recruitment of necessary mass, strength, endurance, while at the same time protecting it from over-training and overload. It allows you to permanently consolidate the results achieved in the sport. Technology and the use of the techniques of sports massage are directly dependent on how sport has been exercising, the frequency and intensity of workouts. Best of all, this massage is done in the next 1-4 hours after sporting burden. Training sports massage is usually carried out is not very hard, pain be dolzhno.Tschatelno and vigorously massaged the muscles that are experiencing the greatest load. Sports massage session duration can be from 20 to 70 minutes. At the end of the massage it is recommended to take a hot bath or relax in the sauna for 10-20 minutes. 2.Predstartovy sports massage - a massage performed immediately before an important training or competition to activate the body's natural forces. Prelaunch sports massage is performed in a certain order. First of all, a warm-up massage therapist does, which is to increase muscle strength and endurance before exercising. In this massage activates all body systems, massaged muscles filled with blood, particularly activated cardiovascular and respiratory system, which provides inflow of blood rich in oxygen to the working muscles. In addition, the warm-up sports massage activates the nervous system, increases strength and fast reflexes. This massage is carried out before the start and duration of 10-15 minutes. When the warm-up massage, mainly used intensive kneading. In some cases, before the load is necessary either to relax, soothe too excited athlete, or, on the contrary, to increase if the athlete is braked or oppressed. Such conditions may be difficult to affect the results. 3.Uspokaivayuschy sports massage is carried out in a smooth pace, its duration 15-20 minutes. Masseur does stroking, shaking the large muscle groups. Such techniques are well reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate and respiration. 4.Toniziruyuschy sports massage is conducted at a rapid pace, with a strong kneading the muscles along their thickness, length of 10-15 minutes. Such techniques help to improve the mental and physical activity, the emergence of the desire to fight and win. 5.Sogrevayuschy sports massage - is performed in the cold if you want to warm the athlete. It is carried out directly before a workout or start. In this massage the body temperature rises, it activates blood circulation and increased metabolism. Due to the warming massage increases blood circulation in the working muscles, become more elastic ligaments and joints, increases endurance, reduces the risk of injury. Warming massage is 7-15 minutes in an intensive pace. 6.Vosstanovitelny sports massage - performed immediately or after 10-20 minutes after competition or training. This massage is done to faster and more complete recovery after exercise. Massaging is necessary to those muscles that have experienced the brunt. Well perform a massage after a hot bath or sauna. Restorative massage helps relax tense muscles, it helps to normalize blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. For this conduct not intensive deep warm-up techniques, stroking, shaking. Every athlete needs a good regular sports massage. This allows you to get the best possible results in sports, recover faster after training and competition, to carry out prevention of injury, overtraining and nervous overloads. Even if you are not a professional sportsman and train for yourself, you will also help quality sports massage! Especially sports massage is needed for those who are actively engaged in bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness and other power sports. These athletes muscles and ligaments are especially prone to enslavement and in need of regular massage. Competent sports massage will help to increase your achievements, prepare the muscles, ligaments and joints to exercise, will help reduce the risk of injury. Your workouts will be more safe, effective, and comfortable!

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